Sydney really is a convenient city. We lived 15-25 minutes away from 3 beaches…today’s sun bathing was going to happen in Balmoral beach since Ana says it’s a more toned down place compared to the crowded Bondi.

We decided to get take away (take out) at the Bottom of the Harbor, there was a pretty long line of people waiting to order meals so I was really excited to see what they had in store. When I did some research, a lot of people find the Fish n’ Chips at the Bottom of the Harbor take away one of the best in Sydney. We waited for our food as the dispatchers called out our numbers. So after getting our food, Ana and I headed out to the beach to find the perfect picnic spot. This was lunch:

Salt n’ Pepper Squid with Chips – the squid pieces were floured and fried…and then it was tossed in salt and pepper. Before I closed the take-out box, I seasoned it with a little chicken salt which made the flavor more intense. Chicken salt is this wonderful mixture of chicken powder and salt…thus adding a very flavorful slightly sweet, salty, creamy and meaty taste in the food it touches.

Fish n’ Chips – the batter was light and crisp and the fish was so juicy. It was the perfect combination for a beach setting. Adding a little chicken salt to the chips before we went to the picnic area made it more addictive. Unlike other places where they have this instant tartare sauce, Bottom of the Harbor gives you a pretty big tub when you buy it from them (if you don’t want to use malt vinegar as your dip).

Seaweed Salad – this seemed out of place but I guess in Sydney, they like the idea of being very open to Asian food. The seaweed was delicious and had a wonderful texture. When you bit into it, it was like having so many little strings pop in your mouth. The sauce was a light asian vinaigrette with enhanced the very subtle taste of the seaweed. It was also a little sweet with a nice hint of sesame oil.

It was a great lunch. It was just me and my best friend reminiscing on our younger, more carefree years. It was still pretty surreal to both of us that after all this time, I’m finally here in Sydney to visit her. We then headed off to go to the sand so we can go sunbathing…our bellies were pretty full but the scenery was just too breathtaking for me to care. There seem to be so many perfect days in this trip, where the food and company was good. Bottom of the Harbor really is a great place forΒ  food, especially because you’ll be munching on it in such a beautiful setting.