Super Instant Chocolate Dessert

I love the way we always had fruit at the Sydney apartment during my vacation. On one of our dinners, Ana requested for a quick dessert.. And so I found some left over chocolate ganache, bananas, nutella if you like, raspberries and the funniest pumpkin seed and 5-nut bread. The ganache is pretty much easy to do, you chop some of your favorite chocolate and dump some very hot cream in it (and liqueur if you want) and just mix until it melts…if it doesn’t, you can quickly pop it in the microwave.

And so I just toasted 2 pcs of bread, spread some butter on one side of the bread and put the raspberries and banana slices on top. Then the other bread, i spread some nutella and put it on top of the bananas. And then i poured in the warm chocolate ganache i heated in the microwave and voila…super instant dessert!


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  1. wow!!:) i think im gonna love this.

  2. It was really fantastic, especially if you’re wondering what u can do with leftover chocolates πŸ™‚

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