Francis took me to Circles event cafe right before we watched Saltimbanco at Mall of Asia. This was lunch time so we could stuff ourselves silly and walk it off at the mall before the show.

I’d like to share my top 5 ways of eating smart in a buffet and enjoying everything:


1. Fill up on things that you like and you don’t get to eat too often. In this case, I filled up with food I liked…I loooooove cold seafood. I usually go for two plates of them in every buffet.


2. Skip the fillers. My only fillers for any buffet should be totally worth it and fresh…I usually try to go for the salad. For places like Circles, they have a pretty darn god selection of fresh greens, fruits and vegetables I consider as “fillers”. But fillers could come in forms such as breads, kinds of rice, stirfried vegetables, baked vegetables and I also consider fillers like mixed meat and veggie dishes that are on chafing dishes…I don’t know, I’d like to skip those unless I really really crave for them.


3. Go for the expensive stuff that you like, and not only because they’re expensive. I love lamb and roast so I got them. There were also steaks and some grilled prawns, but I skipped those.


4. If you want to taste something, try getting a tablespoon-full first…just to be sure. Usually this works for all kinds of food in the buffet, but this is especially true if you’re a cheese lover like me.


5. Enjoy the buffet and forget your diet if any (unless you eat buffets every single day!). A buffet is best enjoyed without restrictions…

6. Try to drink hot water after the meal if you’re too full!

Circles event Cafe had a pretty good selection for their weekday lunch buffet. I guess it gets even better on weekends and dinner!