The Smaller Bag of Beans for Merienda


Yes, Bag of Beans is just so popular in Tagaytay, but on our all-day date, Francis and I decided to go to the smaller Bag of Beans near the Tagaytay City rotunda. It was a really small place, but when we took our seats, we understood why Bag of Beans decided to put their smaller cafe here.

The view was really nice, perfect for a cup of tea and an apple pie. Francis took the banana-chocolate shake.


I liked the apple pie, it tasted pretty good with the ice cream and the tea.


The place was nice and cool, overlooking the lovely view of the lake. There would also be times in the afternoon where you’d see the fog settle on the ridge. It was a nice place indeed.


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  1. Francis

    It was a really good trip πŸ™‚

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