Between Baking & Barking


There is something to be said about establishing a food business…especially when you’re alone…it takes over almost everything you do, and if you don’t get to fix the schedules, it will eventually take up all of your time. These days, from juggling my day job and food styling, I now have to add a 3rd component to my work schedule: baking. My online pet bakery is starting to take up lots of time because of the orders I’ve been getting. Since everything is pretty much made to order, there have been days when I would come to kitchen from a grueling shoot, just to bake.


Though I don’t regret anything, with the loss of my parrot recently and the huge change in lifestyle I’ve gone through the past couple of months, I guess anything that keeps me busy these days is welcome. Sometimes though, I find myself getting burned out much easier especially when it comes to my day job. I can’t really say I’m passionate about staying in my cubicle all day trying to work out student affairs and running the school…it’s a hefty job that doesn’t have much room for creativity, except of course in problem solving.


Still, I consider Whole Pet Kitchen something that is keeping me on my toes in terms of creativity and development, everything is a work-in-progress here. It surely makes my pets happier and nothing gives me more joy than to see my dogs enjoy a treat I’ve made. Hopefully someday, Jack will finally be able to go to work with me on a regular basis once I have established my bark-ery, I don’t think he would be able to come with me to my commercial shoots.


So between baking & barking, I still have time to study my craft. Editorial styling for my pet bakery gives me some room to keep having an outlet for my relaxing food styling aside from all the commercial jobs. Props are pretty much limited to some human stuff and to ensure that it has a doggie component, I have to add the obvious like a food bowl, or a toy, and even a leash. So far, it works. Like a marriage of human and dog food. Hopefully, once I get all balanced, my food adventures will find its way back to my blog. For now, I’ve got the jobs to blog about…when I actually have some time (eep!).


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  1. I’m pretty sure you can handle the challenges, and more success with your bark-ery and other projects!

  2. what happened to louis? did he flew away? baka nagtampo. parrots are very sensitive. i remember the white parrot that my grandfather brought from mindoro. that parrot was very smart and that he could really talk. one evening, my grandfather joked that he would give the parrot away. feeling hurt, the parrot hanged himself. the whole family mourned.

  3. @The Food Dude. Thanks a lot! It’s been quite embarrassing but it was nothing I couldn’t handle πŸ˜‰

  4. @Plaridel Seriously? That’s just sad. I think my mom had a Louis sighting last Saturday, although she wasn’t quite sure it was him (but how many green parrots are there flying around in the village right?) I’m glad he’s still alive I guess, there are many fruit trees in our village so he has probably learned how to find food on his own. πŸ™‚

  5. maybe if you leave his favorite snack by the window, he’ll be enticed to come back. have a great easter with your family.

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