Thank You Steve Jobs! You Made the World a Better Place!

The passing of Steve Jobs is just devastating for me. Though I never met him, I found inspiration in his passion for what he does. This guy believed in perfection and creativity, and made things happen. I’ve been an loyal apple customer since college and I never looked back. A company that believed in bringing great, useful and beautiful products to its customers and “the ultimate experience” was the perfect pitch for me. I wouldn’t be in my industry if it weren’t for guys like him — pushing the limits of creativity and vision further.

But I’d like to smile and remember how this man changed the world and the way people saw the world in his short but well lived life here on earth.Β  These are people we can really look up to — people who want perfection and make it happen…and still have room to improve it! A life well lived indeed.


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  1. i’m not an apple fan. i’m more incliined to android and windows, but i felt his passing just the same. may he rest in peace.

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