I was up bright and early the other day for yet another food styling project for my new client, Sunset Blvd. Their menu really needed a face lift and so our client chose a few of her best items to show off in their new menu board.


A venue is pretty important in a gig for me, and I was thankful that they decided to rent out the school’s facility for this project. It is easier and we have access to many materials and other ingredients during emergency cases without having to scramble for the closest store. And the best part about it was that the client had full access to all my containers and props that I keep at the school (and believe me, I realized I had a big lot that was forgotten).


The team was composed of Photographer Neil Jingco and Ms. Noncy and Ice from Grasshopper Creative, we have been working together a lot this year and so far these guys have become somewhat a second work family for me. Enjoy the photos!