My New Pet Mushroom


Last Saturday, I finally gave into my curiosity and got myself a oyster fruiting bag from SM Hypermarket. I’ve been thinking about doing a science lab slash kitchen experiment and there was one presented right in my face for only P50. So I kept the mushroom bag (and it already had a few sprouts about 1 cm long when I got it) in a cool and sunlight free place and waited. The next day, it doubled in size and the little mushroom caps started to sprout out of the plastic neck…and today, it looked like a glorious flower growing in size.


I’ll keep you guys updated on this one since I’m already thinking about the recipes I could do with my oyster fruiting bag.


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  1. lorraine

    Where did you get that, I mean which Hypermart? I also want one!!

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    I got it in SM Hypermarket in Pasig. Though, the thing is I did some harvesting last night, there were parts of the mushroom that were a bit bitter. πŸ™ I’m hoping the next round (if any) will be better!

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