R&D Cheffing: Reverse Spherification ala Alinea


I finally learned something new and interesting that feels a lot like a science project in highschool: Spherification and Reverse Spherification. The night before we had a workshop on this using Ferran Adria’s method. Because of all the spheres I wrecked, I wanted to do some tests on why Adria’s way seemed much trickier (and his cookbook, a little more confusing)…so I decided to give Alinea’s Grant Achatz methods a try in terms of making these egg yolk like balls called spheres (basically the texture of the skin is just like an eggyolk in your mouth!).


Result: It was way easier for me to make spheres using the Alinea cookbook’s method…still, I need to practice. I’m sure I’ll be able to use this know-how one of these days. Hopefully I can do some more tests once our powders get here. It is quite interesting…hopefully I’ll have more informative posts in the future.



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  1. Alinea is one of the most beautiful cookbooks ive ever seen! Good luck on your molecular gastronomy journey

  2. @andy thanks, i am hoping to try the other recipes soon. The chemicals are pretty tricky though

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