Worry free BBQ picnic pack list!

Hi guys! Since I’ve been so into outdoor and on location barbeques lately, I might as well share with you my utlimate essentials when it comes to having a worry-free, clean and awesome barbeque with my ultimate BBQ pack list (i love making lists especially since I have to keep making them for my jobs as well):

1. A portable griller (the ones from SM Department store are pretty good, but i found one at True Value one time, it was a griller in a bag that also doubles as a cooler!) or just a grill screen (then you can secure this with rocks!)

2. Charcoal, usually 2 packs kilo anything that needs to be barbecued (even the new coconut husk charcioal will do!)

3. Matches, better yet, a small torch!

4. EZ Fire charcoal starter, or flame gel (you can get these at Ace hardware and they’re very easy to use)

5. Some newspaper

6. Anything that can be used as a fan

7. Picnic food covers (there are ones at Japan home that resemble mosquito nets and are foldable like umbrellas…this keeps unwanted bugs off your food!)

8. PLASTIC, reusable plates and bowls (instead of paper plates, i go for FlairWaves’s plastic reusable plates and bowls, that way, I bring them home after a picnic, wash em, and they’re good for another 3-5 picnics!)

7. Spoons and forks if needed (i still bring metal ones and veer away from plastic)

8) A towel

9) dishwashing liquid

10) Trash bags

11) Plastic cups

12) a cooler with lots of ice

13) Potable water

14) The food you will grill

15) Rice

17) Anything else to bring like chips

18) All the beverages

19) Mosquito Repellant Lotion

20) Candles or any “Katol” or mosquito incense (I really hate having to barbeque and slap my feet or face because the bugs usually love gatecrashing!)

21) A very sharp knife, or chef’s knife

22) napkins

23) A tong, to turn the food on the grill

Happy picnic!


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  1. That food cover definitely seems like a must have to keep all the bugs away. Great solution.

  2. Interesting post regarding the picnic food cover. This cover seems to be great at keeping pesky insects away from your food at picnic. Great post.

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