It was Mig’s birthday week and I found myself with 2 tickets to a finals game of the PBA. Although I am totally not a fan of basketball (except for the infamous DLSU vs ADMU games back in college), Mig loved it. So we were off to Araneta Coliseum for the game. We were 30 minutes to start of the game and we both saw Cafe Bola at the side of the Coliseum. We needed something quick and guaranteed good (what better choice than something that Gaita Fores touched?). We ordered a Laing Pasta and my favorite, the dulong with garlic cream pasta.

As you would expect, people in Cafe Bola are more discerning about good food. I was hoping to get a glimpse of the old Lechon Sinigang which used to be my favorite back in Greenbelt. After a few minutes, the dishes came. Although as you would expect for a sister company of Cibo, the servings are smaller than the usual. But I has enough time to enjoy it and still have room for dessert.

The Dulong and Garlic Cream was the same as it was when I first ate in Cafe Bola, the cream and the garlic was a very interesting mix with the seafood flavor of the dulong. Served with a small grilled slice of bread in the side, the richness made up for the smaller serving. The laing was as you would expect, a nice, spicy, rounded flavor of laing on top of pasta. I love the natural spice of the gabi leaves and the coconut cream mix. We were able to finish our food quickly just in time for the game. I got myself a Dairy Queen and the guard told me I can’t bring it into the place, so I had to gobble it up prior to entering.

I have never watched a PBA game in Araneta before. For some reason, I felt a little awkward sitting on the slightly ripped and rusted seats. My I wish they would renovate the seats. But anyway, the team we were cheering for lost. Mig and I ended up in another restaurant for after game drinks.