At Milson’s point train station, there’s a small friendly eatery called Fisherman’s cove where a lot of working people have lunch. They serve all sorts of food from salads, sandwiches, roasts and of course fish and seafood. This is where we ate one time when we had to grab a quick lunch before Ana went to work.

Fish n’ Chips. Fish was perfectly cooked, and it had pleasant natural oils and the flesh was sweet and firm. The batter was light and crispy which made it perfect with the firm and yet juicy fish. It came with a package tartare sauce and these wonderful thick cut fries that were perfectly salted, crisp outside and soft inside.

On one occasion, I got a “mini basket” for takeaway. A mini basket is basically battered and fried seafood with chips. There was a prawn, a scallop, 2 squid pieces and fish…and lots of chips. I tried this one with a little chicken salt which made a big difference compared to just having it with salt and pepper. The chips became quite addicting and it also tasted great with the seafood and tartare sauce. The prawn in this mini basket had a “crystal shrimp” like texture on the inside. I’m not sure if it has been processed to become like crystal shrimps, but this is usually a technique that Chinese cuisine uses, and it tastes so good when done in a Fish and Chips way.