Ana took me to Bills for breakfast. Bills is a cafe of one of Australia’s celebrity chefs, Bill Granger. I saw several of his books while I was in the bookstore and looked at his site.

Apparently, he has a branch all the way in Tokyo. There was quite a line outside and all the tables were full. In Sydney, people seem to be okay with waiting in line just as long as its for good food. This is the best indicator of any good restaurant. The place is small and modern, but is supposedly a favorite celebrity hang out. Food is freshly made and looked delicious.

Sweet Corn Fritters with Bacon, Avocado Salsa, Tomatoes and Spinach. The corn in the fritters were very sweet and juicy (like most corns here in Sydney)..the kernels were fused together into a pancake using a slightly sweet-savory batter speckled with red peppers. The batter was chewy with gave a wonderful texture with the corn kernels because they were crunchy and juicy. The avocado salsa added a very rich and creamy Mexican touch to the dish especially because it carried the coriander in it. There was bacon in it and some grilled tomatoes which added a refreshing and sweet bit along with the other flavors that were already present.

Scrambled eggs with Bread and Mushrooms. Ahh, I love scrambled eggs…when I make mine at home, without thinking about the fat, it really is very good. Their scrambled eggs where very, very creamy and buttery, slippery and soft…it was like eating a cloud. The side of mushrooms added a country touch to a very hotel standard breakfast and the toast was a good accompaniment to this heavy breakfast dish.

Bills was a really good experience. There were a lot of people still lining up to order their breakfasts all the way until 11 am. It’s nice to know that a place that looks so commercial have food that is home cooked and just down right good.