Messina Gelateria, Darlinghurst β€” creative gelatos!

Off to more food adventures, we headed to Messina Gelateria in Darlinghurst. Before we could enter, we had to go through a throng of children just getting their ice creams from this place and a few adults as well.

They have special flavors that come out monthly. This month was called PX “Pedro Ximenez” which Ana got so that we could try it out. This was a flavor for the famous Pedro Ximenez sherry. It is a wonderful fortified wine from Jerez that people like putting on ice cream and basically anything else for dessert. This guys took it to the next level…they actually made an ice cream out of it! You could taste the sweetness of that signature thick sherry they produce. Flavors of raisins and dried plums come out as well as a hint of brown sugar. This was interesting because they added some candied pistachios in it which gave it little crunch surprises as you go through the rich and smooth gelato.

I had the Salted Caramel and White Choco chip. I am a big fan of the sweet and salty mix and what more in an ice cream (considering I am not much of a sweet tooth). I really enjoyed this one…the salted caramel ice cream had just the right salt levels to complement the sweetness and deep flavor of the caramel. As you go through this wonderful melt-in-your-mouth gelato, you will taste white chocolate shavings inserted into the gelato giving it a wonderful texture and contrast to the taste of the sweet-salty ice cream.

This is the ultimate dream of all creative gelaterias…to have a monthly special…I would also think this is the dream of all ice cream fanatics as well!


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  1. What and array of delightfulness!

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