And so while I was away, my interior designers (Kaye Llanto and Maybelle Uy…who are totally fabulous to work with by the way) have been updating me on the progress of my room demolition. They answer all my questions and worries…haha! And it’s been pretty fun to see them scrape the old bat cave down to its barest foundations and then start fixing it from scratch.

I think this is their first time to encounter someone who will leave the project site itself for several weeks. So far, it’s been good. I’m getting giddy about seeing it already semi fixed when I get back home.

So week one they were able to strip everything down to the foundation.

Week two was about putting concrete on the walls, as well as putting up my new and very energy efficient air conditioner. It was also about doing all the off-site wood works.

It’s pretty great to see that what you’ve been saving for, for a really long time is actually going to something this big…hahah and not another pile of clothes that will eventually go off season.

And now it’s week three and they have to start putting the wood parts together and assembling my loft. I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally have a great night’s sleep in my new room. Ana encouraged me to buy some bed stuff here in Australia…do you know that their quilts seem cheaper here than over in Manila? I can’t wait to use my new doona!

Anyways, if you missed my last hurrah in my old room…you can click here and most likely you’ll be pretty excited as well.