The Sydney Fish Market holds a mind-blowing array of edible living creatures from all over the world!

I was just overwhelmed by the variety of everything fresh…there were so many kinds of fishes, crabs, lobsters, mussels, oysters, cockles, and just basically everything you need in order to cook those fish as well. There were 3 major stores we went through and all of them had their own specialties. A lot of the fishes, I didn’t recognize and it was nice to see all of them in one area!

I was able to check out a fabulous kitchen gadget shop outside the fish market building where I was able to buy some really cool not-in-manila kitchen gadgets like a lot of silicon items to knife accessories.

Inside the fish market building you will find a lot of seafood cafes and even oyster bars with people opening oysters right in front of you. There are a ton of tourists and locals alike waiting for their turn to get to pick their food and oysters in a line. I was so overwhelmed, I just went with what seemed the easiest and freshest at that time…as well as what a lot of people were eating in the area.

Our lunch consisted of:

Lobster with Mornay sauce — wouldn’t recommend it. The cream sauce was too thick that it overwhelmed the lobster. It was also quite cold so the sauce wasn’t juicy anymore. It became one rubbery mixture.

Sea urchins – The ones we got were from Chile. These are spongy not slimy. It’s dry but it was pretty good. The soy sauce brings out the sweetness. I still like the good ol’ stuff at Kikufuji which is most likely from Japan.

Sydney rock oysters – $15.90 for a dozen. These oysters were sweet, creamy, fatty and yet firm. So when you bite into it, you first experience a crunch and then a firm jelly like texture that tastes like cream. With a little lemon, it slips into your mouth with the taste of the sea and a sweetness you can only get from something this fresh.

We also bought some items at the deli like Tetsuya’s truffle salsa and a white truffle oil for our home cooking. So far, I think I would like to be at the Sydney Fish Market at least once every week until I go back to Manila!