I’ve Been Busy

My dailies…have changed. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of doing pet chores and constantly hoping to get better house help. I was also starting to cook dinner for one (Thank God for the tiny Maxim and Ecopan stuff I have! They’re just the perfect size!) and wash the dishes after. Then my dog gave birth…so more pets to take care of aside from my 2 chihuahuas, a lactating golden retriever and my parrot…now I have 4 puppies too!

Well, I’m glad that after a month of searching for good help, we finally got hold of some very good people (the last one talked on her cellphone all day and ate all our food and snacks…but was “too sick” to do chores!). And things are a little loose. I now only tend to my four pups and their mommy..plus some alone time with my parrot, Louis.

Ah it’s pretty interesting to have all these pets at home. It’s definitely taught me a great deal about time and balance. Well, in an hour I have to go home again and feed the pups! In a few weeks, I’ll be back to my old self again.


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  1. congrats! those are really cute puppies. are you planning on selling or keeping them?

  2. Unfortunately, I will have to sell these cute little pups! 🙁

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