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I’ve finally found some time to blog!

How long has it beenโ€ฆa month? A month and a half? I’ve been so caught up lately!

I’ve been trying to fix stuff for our Chefy Store. So many people have been askingโ€ฆso aside from those bags, what else do you sell? I wish I could have some time to really sniff out some cool stuff to sell..unique and useful at the same time. But the good thing is, The Chefy Store, finally has its own website! I haven’t quite finished it yet, but it’s getting there.

We have our new Chefy Lite bags outโ€ฆfinally! Well, I guess you can say that our designs are just getting better and better. Hopefully, by year-end, we’ll have 3 great items.

My pups have been a handful!

Well, for my food styling, I’ve been doing jobs for my grandma’s company. I’m not sure though if I can post those up. Wellโ€ฆmaybe just a tiny sample.

I’ve also found a new friend who happens to be as crazy about this art as I am! I’ve found Photokitchen’s Mylene Cheung, who happens to be a young photographer who specializes in food. Finally, someone who is just as in awe as I am with Lara Ferroni’s work. How can I resist an offer of trying to do food with the whole, shabby-chic appeal.

My day jobโ€ฆthe past few weeks have been crazy and quite un-awesome considering the fact that I’ve been writing some students regarding their attendance and behavior. It must be the season, where chef-hopefuls seem to be either getting lazy or getting into trouble. But there are still of course, those who shine.

I’m hoping to get into a lighting class soon. It really pains me to have to be restricted to hoping that the sun will cooperate when we have any kind of shoot. I’ve been also thinking of getting right back into photographyโ€ฆbecause the camera i bought a few years ago (which was supposed to be for my hobby) now has battle scars from the school and certain jobs. I seriously need to stand back and see the world in snapshots again. Wish I became more diligent in asking questions in my college lighting class..I’m not quite sure why I didn’t seem to absorb anything!

I also acquired a wonderful new, semi obsolete digi-cam which my brother gave me for my birthday — a Powershot SX200 IS with the 0cm macro function. Seriously, I’ve had food and gravy almost reaching the lens because of trying this super-macro function out. Hopefully, this will mean better photos for my blog too.


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  1. I was just going to ask you what camera you used to take all those wonderful photos! Then you showed me. The Cannon powershow is really fantastic! ๐Ÿ™‚

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