Win This @ The Chefy Store! Our 2nd Online Raffle!

Finally after everything..(my newborn pups, my new baby parrot, my messed up schedule!) I finally get to post some great news! On our 1st year, Mig and I are going to raffle off a few bags, so here are the 2 new prizes up for grabs on our Chefy Store in Facebook. πŸ™‚

Now open to all countries that FedEx can ship to!!! πŸ™‚


1. Post this picture on your wall for everyone to see (make sure you set the privacy setting to everyone or else we won’t get to verify it). Make sure you’re already a fan of The Chefy Store so you can keep track of the raffle!

2. Reply to the note on our FB account so that we could check if you’re eligible for the raffle. (only one entry per FB profile)

3. Wait until July 7, 2010 where Mig and I will be posting a video containing this raffle’s winner!

4. If you win, you may pick up you blue peace bag or have it shipped to your home!

It’s that simple!
So what are you waiting for?! Start posting those pictures on your FB wall today!!

** For the winner who needs the prize shipped, you may deposit a P200 shipping fee to our account for shipment anywhere in the Philippines! Or have us compute for the FedEx shipment to your country.


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  1. Jasson Wallace

    I am looking forward to diggin more of your wonderful articles.

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