My Dad’s Woodfired Oven: Sunday Dinner # 1

taste test of the cochinillodad: the happy new owner of the ovenMy dad finally purchased his very own wood-fired oven around two months ago. Since then we’ve been having wood-fired oven dinners for the past weeks. Our pizzas and breads have gone from scientific to artisan. Despite the pugon smell that can’t get off your clothes and the first few weeks of teary eyes because of the smoke, my dad’s new toy was the most exciting thing that’s happened to our Sunday dinners this year (and our dinners are very exciting without the oven mind you). No, we haven’t decided if we would open these lovely pizzas and creations to the public. For now, you could just hope and pray that you get invited to one of the private dinners.

For week 1 our menu was like this:

Artisan breads with Turkish Olive Oil, Sea Salt and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

– this bread had a crunchy exterior and a soft, warm inside..some were not so crunchy in the exterior but was nice and soft.

Pizza with Grilled Vegetables, Goat, Gruyere and Mozzarella Cheese topped with Baby Arugula Tossed in Balsamic Vinaigrette

– the dough was homemade and the oven gave it a distinct smokey flavor…they bubbling on the crust was fanstastic

Seafood and Saffron Cream Chowder with Puffpastry

– the delightful puff pastry stood nice and proud and tasted so good with the creamy chowder.

Egg & Cauliflower Salad

Baked Salmon on Cedar with Olives, Capers and Dill

– this was absolutely heavenly, aside from the smoked flavor, the cedar also gave it a very distinct taste and aroma that complemented perfectly with the olives, capers and dill…sour salty…and very aromatic!

Cochinillo with Liver and Turmeric Sauce

– the absolute perfect way to cook a cochinillo: baked!!!

Prime Rib Steaks on Skillets

– I was too full to have this one, but my cousins enjoyed it so much

Rum Raisin Gelato with Apple Crumble

– This was heavenly, the ice cream was homemade and the apple crumble was given that brown butter treatment…with a helping of caramel sauce


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  1. Mr. Rolly Imperial

    Is your wood-fired oven the one often exhibited at trade fairs which was designed and manufactured by Mr.Jerry Yu? Have you tried using charcoal instead of wood?

  2. I think so but I think Mr. Yu customized this one for pops. We only use wood, and not coal since our oven is huge

  3. Hi Giann! Those food looks heavenly! πŸ™‚

  4. Grabe noh! Para kaming nasa italy sa ganda ng mga pizza

  5. Hi Giannina,
    Your food looks gorgeous, is this a restaurant in Manila? Would love to visit sometime. My wife and I live in Naga City, Bikol and are building a Wood Fired Oven in our Restaurant/Resort. I can’t say enough about your food, it looks like someone was trained in Italy. I’m Italian/American and my wife is Pinay from Naga. We moved to RP 4 years ago and are developing a 5 hectar retirement/resort community at the base of Mt. Isarog in the rain forest. Would like to visit sometime, if possible. Very impressive food. Thanks for the pics. John Wood

  6. Hi actually this is in our school…which is right under our restaurant, Cafe Ysabel. πŸ™‚

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