Newest Chefy Store Bags!

I had a pretty full week last week with all the work and events here in the school that I forgot to post my newest bags! 🙂

for HER for HIM

Old designs are already faced out…hopefully we’ll get an even better response with this batch! Still in limited quantities so buy you bag today. 🙂


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  1. Hi Giannina!

    I really love the Rachel bag, the one I used for my baking demo at the Sweet Life with Lucy Show last July. I gave it to Mr. Werner Berger of Santi’s Delicatessen. Don’t know if he got it, Not a word. More power. I think the new “manly” versions are beautiful.

    Ces Lopez

  2. Thanks so much Ces! Hope Supreme Brazo Bars has been doing fantastic!!! 🙂
    Saw lots of blogs writing about u guys 🙂

  3. Hi Giannina!

    I like the new designs but I have yet to get my own, I am interested to get the ADRIA but in the Snake leather design. Is it possible if I can order for one piece only?

    Thanks and more power!


  4. Hi OJ
    Unfortunately, we do not do custom bags…and we only have a few bags per design. Our designs depend on what is available at the factory. 🙂

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