Woodfired Oven Dinner 2: Turkey Day

my plate

Catching up is pretty tricky…my posts are so delayed! But anyway, at least I always have something to post on my free time. Here’s week 2 of my dad’s woodfired oven dinner spree. This one was a Turkey dinner.

the turkey from the oven

For this one, they baked the turkey in a conventional oven, and then finished it in the woodfired oven. Still the smokey taste was there. Here’s our line-up:

Breads with dips
– whipped butter, chicken liver pate and orange confit, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, homemade roastbeef with horseradish sauce

Parsley and Couscous Salad
– this refreshing salad is from the Mediterranean, it’s got couscous, cucumber, onions and tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil


Steak and Kidney Pie
– this was a bit too flat for me, i love steak and kidney…but this looked like a pizza :p I just wanted more of the filling!

Turkey with 4 stuffings
– the turkey was democratic and had 4 fillings: corn, ham and bread, oyster and ham, sausage and apples and a spanish inspired filling with chorizo.

Corn Carrots and Green Beans

Fruit Salad
– yes, we eat this with our turkey!

Corn Bread
– my brother wanted a sort of “soul food” theme but the corn bread was a bit dry, we suspect the student who was tasked to make it overbeat the thing.

Baked Sweet Potato and Marshmallows
– this one’s a family favorite: the sweet potato mash has cinnamon, cloves, allspice and is topped with marshmallows that have been heated till the tops are brown and crispy, while the insides are nice and gooey. SWEET!

Potatoes Dauphinoise
– another family favorite! It’s a layers casserole of potatoes, white sauce and cheese…yum!

Baked Pineapple
– This was dessert along with a scoop of ice cream


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  1. you’re pictures look great. or am i just hungry? anyway, what kind of camera do you use? i suppose it must be very expensive.

  2. for these sunday dinners? i use a P4,000 cheapo camera from Sanyo hahahha. :p

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