I bought my Macbook Pro from the Apple Store Online Philippines

Ladies and Gentlemen, the craziest online shopper on earth — ME. I am so very happy with the way my first ever online shopping experience turned out. Yes, I BOUGHT A LAPTOP FROM THE FAMOUS APPLE STORE ONLINE PHILIPPINES…andt it was stress free and full of excitement! I was preparing for the worst…like not getting my laptop at all and having to go all the way to Singapore if ever push comes to shove, but I ordered and they delivered.the much awaited package

One of the best things about getting your stuff from the Apple online is the price…I’ve been going around Manila checking out prices, and still this place probably has one of the lowest prices for the macs. I’ve been dreaming of this laptop, which i named “bogart”, and now I finally have one…and I can also get a Snow Leopard OS once it is out. Another great thing is that you can customize the innards of your mac to your liking, which i did.

nice and intact

I am so glad I got it from the store, it was like waiting for a baby to come out…I tracked the package in DHL and in the store, and they delivered, right on the day that it said in the receipt. I’m so excited to finish my migration so I can get it going!

bogart's first picture

Now I wish they had the same great deal for the new apple iPhone S. That would absolutely rock!


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  1. how’s the new laptop? must be nice. too bad, i prefer windows. 🙁

  2. cute name for your laptop

  3. Wala ka na bang binayaran sa customs? kasi kinakabahan ako sa akin. Nasa singapore pa now, pero I think pag dating dito, sisingilin nanaman ako ng customs ng kalahati ng value ng binili ko.

    I recently bought an iPod Nano 5th Generation online, through Apple Store Philippines. Sana walang tax na 5,000. Kasi 10,000.00 😀

    Yung experience ko kasi sa HP is very terrible, 4k yung worth ng external hard drive na binili ko, tapos siningil ako ng customs ng 2,000+ na tax. Or else, di ko na makukuha ang portable HD na yun. Kaya binayaran ko nalang, kasi sayang naman if pabayaan ko nalang. At hindi din yung available sa Philippines. hehehe.

  4. wala akong binayaran and the apple store online philippines is quite reliable 🙂

  5. @giannina – wow that’s great news! Sige hintayin ko nalang package ko.. ayun sa DHL nasa singapore parin. Sana dumating na next week. Weeeee!

  6. Ryuuichi

    Hi. Wala kang binayaran sa customs? So did you receive it straight to your door or you will have to pick it up somewhere. If so, saan naman po?

  7. Anonymous

    Plaridel You can install windows on a Mac using Bootcamp. You will get dual boot and the best of both OS

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