Last Saturday I went over to the Fort to watch the Kenny’s 1st Urbanite Run, it’s just my tiny way of showing support to my clients. I was hoping to see a few of them, I took my dog, Wanda along for the trip since we were planning to stay in High Street after the event. It actually took us over 40 minutes to find parking, and it was this lot that turned into instant parking space for the would be runners. They closed most of the streets and I saw so many people warming up in the Kenny Rogers jerseys and hydration belts. By the entrance of High Street, Wanda, Mig and I saw some of our friends who were running too.

The place was absolutely packed of mostly runners waiting for their turn in the starting line. It was my first time to experience this kind of event and so I took a video of the cool gun start. You can hear Marc Nelson emceeing for this event as the runners are really so anxious to get moving. A lot of them ran, some jogged…Others were still on the road at 11pm! But this unique event is really inviting to those who can’t wake up early and get hit by the sun on morning marathons.

A video of the gun start, I took at the Kenny’s Urbanite Run. 🙂

Congratulations to Kenny Rogers! Their event was a success indeed.