Sheer Excitement: Macbook Pro 17-inch from the Apple Store Online

Macbook Pro love it already

I am a huge mac fan, after my first Powermac G4 back in college, I never went back. Each of my macs give me the fondest memories: my Powermac G4 was bought second hand, and it was used to edit the movie “Enteng Kabisote” as the owner said. It was the fastest and most efficient and virus-free computer at that time…and unlike my classmates, who stayed up in the editing lab of DLSU at the oddest hours, I’d be conveniently in my room, with all the junk food I could think of, editing in my mac.

tracking my new laptop on DHL

My Macbook, Buddy was purchased when the Macbooks were new. It was my very first trip to the states and I was booked alone in a hotel somewhere in Manhattan. I walked maybe 20 or 30 blocks to get to the coolest mac-store in the US…and it was right beside an equally cool toy store. It was an underground store, and to save up on cash, I decided to walk all the way there and lug my mac all the way back. At that time I didn’t get to coax the mac-assistant into giving me a college discount. My very first laptop, and it was white and it was the strongest Macbook I could make it.

And now, I am trying my luck on the not so new Apple Store Online Philippines. Their main office is in Singapore (which is odd, and the number they use is a 1-800 number!) which gave me a sort of insured feeling that I wouldn’t have such a hard time with service and reaching them. I customized my new mac, and hit the credit card number and bought it. For days I kept tabs on my purchase and saw that my mac was coming from Shanghai!!!

already on its way

Well, as of today, it finally reached Philippine shores as the DHL tracking said. I’m actually wondering if I’m the first person who actually had the crazy idea to purchase my laptop online from this store. I’ve heard many people have bought accessories and ipods, but none have talked about a customized laptop. Well, I’m hoping this experience won’t be a traumatic one! Wish me luck and hope my new comp won’t get stuck in customs or something. I’m so excited!


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  1. Ano tong inorder mong laptop? Is this the 17″ MB Pro? with 4GB ram and 500GB HD?

  2. basta yung nandyan sa post. yun yung lptop ko hehe

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