The Chefy Lite – our unique chef’s bag

Going on our 3rd week on the Chefy Lite, our bag stocks are down to half. I’m really glad that a lot of people, and not only me…seem to have the same frustration about the kinds of knife rolls / chef’s kits we have available in the philippines. I just wanted something unique…something no one else had…and something that I would carry around that wouldn’t make me look boring.

So far, they will be giving away 2Β of our Chefy LitesΒ in Yummy Magazine sometime in September, and hopefully they’ll be able to come out withΒ a writeup in October. πŸ™‚

I’m pretty happy with the events coming my way because of the store. Mig and I are thinking of hitting the bazaars, but we have to be sure that we have more to offer and not just the bags. πŸ™‚


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  1. looks like you have a winner there. i think you’ll attract more buyers if you set up an account at eBay. just a thought.

  2. giannina

    heheh i’m afraid of ebay, don’t they have so many scammers there?!

  3. of course, there are scammers everywhere. as a seller at ebay, however, i think, you’re safe. it’s the buyer who’d likely be scammed as he has to pay for the item first before the seller mails it to him. sometimes, the buyer pays and receives nothing.

  4. your bags look really good. let me know when you guys make designs for guys. ill surely pick one up!

  5. I hope you can do na the very pretty apron I’ve been asking from you for the on site baking I do regularly at my ATC cafe. Really wanted to show it off at Lucy Torres Show that my chef-foodstylist styled my apron as well. sigh..

  6. giannina

    I know! This new venture into non-food items feel like an alien world to me. Hehe

  7. hi there! i’m iris and am part of a non-government organization that has a culinary store as one of our resource mobilization programs. how can we possibly sell your uber pretty knife bags at our store? hope you can e-mail me about this. thank you!

  8. Hi Iris!
    Right now, I am sending my last few bags to a friend in Davao. I am still having new ones made! Sure you can sell them in your shop, I can leave them on consignment and you can just add to the price if you’d like. πŸ™‚

    I’ll let u know as soon as i get new ones.


  9. great! i am pretty confident that your bags would be a hit with our clientele. it is both stylish and functional,a certified must have for a chef/urbanista =) hope you could make some which would suit our male clientele, too. please let me know about this through our e-mail. thank you so much!

  10. Hi iris, do u have another email. this one doesn’t seem to work

  11. hi there!you can e-mail me at or Anticipating an update on the bags as we are opening another store by next month! thanks!

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