I recently had a shoot for Kenny Rogers Roast & Grill outlet for their upcoming meals. And boy it was another lovely shooting day for the books….even if it was raining so hard!

I set out from the house to the studio in the morning and I was greeted by extremely violent wind and rain which actually felt like it was going to shake my car off the road! Glad to have my assistant, the ever reliable Ray with me despite having a fever the night before.

The studio was this old style building with an automatic garage door and the parking area happened to also be this dome like studio for car shots. The studio is FOTO RESOURCES and I was all than happy to find out that the owner was also the photographer for the day — Francis Rivera. So i set up, and I already expected the client to be pretty late because of the horrible conditions outside. I was really just hoping that they wouldn’t cancel.

The shoot was fun and challenging…molded rice made me a little obsessive compulsive because I didn’t want their food to look anything “canteenish” where the rice would be molded and everything just looks funny and off. Boy am I really glad that the items came already pre-made and all I had to do was work on it so that it looks the way it should look πŸ˜‰

Sir Francis was such a pleasure to work with, considering it was our first shoot together. I guess he was all but happy to be on his homecourt considering the nasty conditions outside.

I was also really glad to see people I’ve worked with on my first Kenny shoot like Ms. Karen and Beth…And what was also a wonderful surprise was seeing Pixie Sevilla-Santos (who was my classmate at Ms. Denise’s class in California) was also there!

I met new people and people were all smiles on the shoot despite the hurricane outside. We made such a beautiful set of shots — the 3 meals, the fondues and the pastry bar… I really can’t wait to see the shots!