Food Styling Batch 2: Finals

Before I completely feel tardy, I will post these pics. I’ve been getting messages from former students asking about Delores’ Custer’s class, if it will be good to attend it. Well, yes. It’s always good to attend any class, whether you’ve had it in a different form previously! There’s always something to learn with every teacher…and why shouldn’t you, Ms. Delores is one of the masters! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by! It may be a short course, but you’ll always learn something new. πŸ™‚

Man I am starting to wonder how I’ll even get to say hello to her. Usually she has dinner in Cafe with dad, but dad’s going to be in Davao during that time. She’s a wonderful lady who never forgets, and one of the first things she told me while I was in CIA was, “So, you’re the last one I’ve been waiting for..”. My dad’s been telling her about me during their dinners, my brother told her about me when she took the course. Oh I wish I could swing by to say hello!

Oh yeah, my student’s finals were pretty good. Timing was a little off but I can’t really blame them, it’s their first time to work with the photographer. A breather finally, when I would just take a step back and watch my students and tell them to interact with the photog…better yet, make conversation. It’s always good to build rapport with your photog, aside from your client. Atleast the day would be filled with smiles and giggles even during crunch time!

all project photos are by Jar Concengco of Campfire Media


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  1. Love the styles. And the way it was served. I also want to try if i can make my own presentation the way i see this pictures. πŸ™‚

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