Yes, I am a big fan.

I stayed up all night to watch the biggest memorial since Princess Di…Michael Jackson. Yes, I am a huge huge fan, and I kind of feel a little sadder since I’ve been an MJ fan since I was a kid. He is just absolutely mind-blowing and his music changed the face of the entire music industry.

This is probably the most tragic celebrity death in my lifetime.

I used to try and do the moonwalk when I watched this video of Michael trying to teach Michael Jordan how to do it. It was just magic!

I was sick on the day that he died so I stayed home all day glued to CNN hoping that they made a mistake, or that he miraculously rose from the dead. When he came here to the Philippines, he even visited the sick children in a ParaΓ±aque hospital…and note that the place wasn’t like Asian hospital or Med City…he visited poor kids.

I’m writing this in my blog as a tribute to Michael. I used to play his music on my birthday and people would just scream!

I wonder if they have his final concert’s videos yet.


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  1. i was in krakow, poland when i heard the news. he was a musical genius. his influence will be around long after we’re gone.

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