Kusinabilidad Calendar

Working under the consultancy, we had yet another Kusinabilidad project: A calendar meant for export. We had to tweak some stuff from the archives and do some new and interesting food for UFC’s calendar.

I look like a boy here, but hahha!

I have worked with Allan Tuazon eversince I started food styling, and it is really cool to see that every year, he seems to be upgrading his gear (just like me, I seem to be increasing tools and toolboxes as the year progresses). Working with a production designer, I had less of a headache since I didn’t have to worry about the plates.

Here are some things I did, without giving away the whole calendar.

stew - photo by Allan Tuazon

Brown on brown seems to be a problem. But anyway, I seem to have gotten away with the shape and texture so it doesn’t look so boring. I sprinkled some parsley on the top as an end note, it looked better but I don’t have a copy of that.

cathedral-windows photo by allan tuazon

Okay I admit, I over did the nata de coco…but that was the product and I couldn’t afford to not have it seen since it could very well be mistaken for jello if it sank. Well anyway, I think I could’ve done it half way…next time I’ll make 2 more varying in degrees of shown product :p

pancit photo by allan tuazon

The client wanted the squidballs “scalloped”, so I tried my best to do that.

I love styling poultry, today i did a bit one: TURKEY.

I don’t have a copy of the turkey but I took some pics on my own. I seem to have already perfected the tukey. It wasn’t stuffed with rice or stuffing, just lemon grass and some onions.

After the shoot, the turkey wasn’t edible…It was time to toss it.

It looked great even in the trash can! Heheh


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  1. Sayang ang turkey!!! madmaing gutom sa panahon ngayon! bat naging inedible sya? How does one starts becoming a food stylist po?

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