Here are the few things I remember about Paris on a Sunday during my trip last October 2007:

on the train

1. There was a transport strike, so it was really hard to move around the city. We did lots and lots of walking. Worse, there were unpredictable schedules for the trains. We literally had to run and squeeze into a sea of French people. It was like being on an MRT during RUSH hour.


2. It was the world cup, so there were lots of people by the Eiffel…we didn’t even bother lining up. And all the main Paris hotels were fully BOOKED. Lesson learned people: Book over the net as early as possible! And another thing…grab a crepe by the eiffel. πŸ˜‰

dad happy to be munchin at mcdonalds paris

3. The good restaurants were closed. Because even the best restaurants can’t afford to pay their employees the extra day in Paris, it was annoying to get caught there on a Sunday. Everything was closed. Well at least all the nice places were closed, there were only a few that were open. My first meal on a Sunday was McDonald’s Paris. Pretty interesting, I had a croissant and a very nice Yogurt with fresh fruits.


4. You have to VISIT THE LOUVRE. An art lover or not…YOU HAVE TO. It was the best part of my Paris trip!

dad grabbin a crepe

5. Try to speak French even if you don’t know how to. And try to stop by a typical French bakery in the morning…it is truly a feast for the senses.

Here are some more of my Paris shots. Enjoy. πŸ™‚