Sango the Burger Master

I had the pleasure of meeting the president of Sango burger during a meeting last week. I keep wondering how come I’ve never gone to this wonderfully “hole-in-the-wall” burger joint that seems to be creating ample noise in Manila’s food scene. Sango Burger is a Japanese Burger joint in Mile Long Makati, and they already have 2 branches. Originally owned by a Japanese couple, they now continue to be the Research and Development behind Sango’s Authentic Japanese burgers and menu.

Honestly, I have never had a Japanese burger. Although I’ve seen burger places in Thailand like MOS burger, but since I was in Thailand, why was I going to stop and eat in that place? Sango places itself in a wonderful area — near Little Tokyo in Makati (where rows of authentic Japanese restaurants are found). Today I got to sample 2 burgers…the Master Burger and the Beef Yakiniku which was in a rice bun.

The Master Burger

Being a Japanese Burger joint, Sango still preserves the non-barbarianess of most joints which typically screams “bigger is better”, in Sango, they go for a burger, that’s “just right” (although I was stuffed with my master burger, I just really wanted to taste the owner’s recommendations). The Master Burger is set-up this way – bun, patty, cheese,, onion sauce, master burger meat sauce and a plump slice of a juicy tomato…all fresh. The meat sauce has a hint of sweetness, but it’s the pleasing kind. The burger is nice and jucy, and the texture from the tomato is fantastic. The onion sauce adds a little strong flavor dimension and small crunches which beautifully marries with the melted slice of cheese under it. Mig and I enjoyed this one, and I finished mine with a smile.

Beef Yakiniku in Rice Bun

The Beef Yakiniku in a Rice Bun. To be honest, this was the first time I was going to have a rice bun. McDonald’s tried to do it, but I’m not really sure if it took off. The sandwich was constructed this way – – rice bun, lettuce, beef, lettuce, rice bun. Simple. And yet it is so tasty. Though my rice bun didn’t hold it’s shape for the entirety of my meal, I can say that the beef was so tender and juicy, and lettuce was nice and crisp that I didn’t really care if it was a little tricky to eat.

green tea cornflake shake

Green Tea Cornflake shake. It looked like Mickey Mouse…the punk version. But it was mostly a play of the typical Japanese snack-dessert flavors…green tea, adzuki, cornflakes and those two sticky balls (i forget the name). It was interesting. The cornflakes gave the drink a wonderful dimension, it was more of a dessert, and yet i could eat it along with my burger. The green tea taste was there, and yet the adzuki added a sweeter, whimsical and interesting texture the the entire cold, crunchy and sticky drink.

Now I still wonder how come I missed going to the place all this time.


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  1. love their burger + fries! πŸ˜€

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