Now that the article is out, I can write about that day. My brother, Gino Gonzalez or Chef Gino Gonzalez, was featured in Yummy Magazine last month. He asked me to tag along for a breath of fresh air from my usual office day. So off we went to tagaytay, with Pia (the writer), Ria (the make-up artist) and Daks (the photographer). It seemed like a good day to bring my camera along for some behind the scenes shooting of my bro’s favorite food finds in Tagaytay.

my brother

Although I won’t be posting all of the food finds, I’ll just post my favorite shots. But first off…MY TOP 2 food finds you should never miss while you’re up in Tagaytay are:

you have to try this

The scallop and quail eggs tatsoi salad in Discovery Suites Verbena…GOSH YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS! I DON’T CARE IF THOSE STUPID QUAIL EGGS HAVE MORE CALORIES THAN A NORMAL EGG…THIS DISH IS TO DIE FOR. The wonderful richness of the egg is just complementing the equally rich truffle oil in the sauce and the scallop gives it a sensational texture along with the baby tatsoi salad which is delicately drizzled with a properly emulsified vinaigrette… Why do we have fattening food like this? BECAUSE IT’S HELLA GOOD.

lovely gelato @ massimos

And…although I didn’t get a good picture of it since we all dove in to eat it after was the Warm Truffle Cake of Massimos which is served with a homemade Vanilla-bean ice cream. FANTASTIC! They used nothing but the best courverture dark chocolate, which made the entire cake rich, creamy and the fantastic part was it was warm. The ice cream was a rich complement to the cake and obviously has the richness of the gelato and vanilla bean. I think I can drive all the way to Massimos just for these.

Well, those are my top 2. The tawilis didn’t make the cut since I can find that in Tiendesitas. And the goat cheese was more of a novelty to me, and has to be brought home to be cooked. Anyway here are some shots I took during the trip. Enjoy! πŸ™‚