One of the write and dream worthy buffets I’ve ever had. Every time we go to Bangkok, we always have to have Sunday Brunch at the Four Seasons Hotel. Though it is a little pricey (the last time we went it was already up to $100 per head) it is definitely a foodie’s dream buffet. Though I didn’t get to take pictures of every single thing they have there, I’ll try to write down all the wonderful things they have in the buffet…by station. πŸ™‚

my first plate

When you enter the Four Seasons Hotel in Bangkok, a fairly medium sized lobby greets you, with huge Asian-inspired frescoes on their ceiling. Lovely flower displays are fresh and enormous, then you go to the courtyard where the buffet is and you are transported into a wonderful, elegant, indoor garden with plants, little streams and tables on top of the pond. Entering the buffet area, you are greeted by the first station:

me with the koi

The Caviar Station. Imagine this, submerged knee deep in a pond full of fat, colorful carps offering to serve you the wonderful selection of 6 caviars and elegantly dressed Thai limes and other wonderful condiments. As far as i can remember, they had the simple tobiko, normally used in sushi. Then they had other flavored fish eggs, as i remember right, one was green because it was flavored with wasabi. Most of the difference were just in the color, and not exactly the kind of fish egg. The most wonderful thing in that caviar station was the big fat salmon roe or ikura in japanese. I know, it’s pretty common but not as common as the other stuff there. I guess what makes this station so inviting is the presentation. They don’t have beluga or sevruga, but the wonderful server, submerged in the water is all smiles trying to give you your blinis in a small plate is just an extraordinary experience. They have the usual stuff along with caviar: chopped eggwhites, chopped eggs, shallots, mignonette, sour cream, capers etc.

Thai Food Station. This was something I usually skip since I’ve had so much Thai food in the streets that I consider pretty authentic. But the station serves all sorts of Thai salads, freshly made, little pastries and thai barbeques. I’m sure, being in the Four Seasons Bangkok, that the food in that station would be very authentic.

Indian Food Station. They have a tandoori oven in the courtyard. Someone also makes roti. Then they have curries and dips with fresh yogurt. I don’t really get food from this station much but they have a pretty decent selection.

Chinese Food Station. You’ve got roast duck and suckling pig hanging in the display, and you have all sorts of little dimsum in a steamer. Again, I don’t get much from this area but the pig seems pretty good.

The Bar. Wow, this is a wonderful bar. They have a selection of maybe 10 fruits for shakes or juices, served in these elegant glasses to your table. From oranges, to papaya, to lemon, to mangoes, watermelon, melons, cantaloupe, Thai limes…there is a huge selection! Aside from that, they have a selection of about 2-3 reds, 2-3 whites, champagne, and any cocktail that the bartender knows how to make. I try to make room for 1 or 2 shakes and a couple of glasses of wine and champagne…i feel that getting water might be a waste of space at this point.

our happy table of foodies

The Sushi Station. The sushi station has a sashimi display and a sushi chef manning it. You take your table card and pick out whatever you want and request for a sashimi platter to be brought to your table.

chef toto at the foie gras station

The Foie Gras and Salmon Station. OH MY GOSH! I never fail to visit this station. They have, seared foie gras, foie gras terrine, foie gras creme brulee…and whatever else you want to do with your foie gras…they’ll do it! I had the knack to take foie gras to this station and bring it over to the pasta station so they can add some cream, truffle oil, herbs and a nice helping of pasta. I was in heaven! On the first few times I’ve eaten here, i would have seared foie gras and go over to the salad station from some mixed greens and baby rockets (arugula)…the other time I tried the foie gras creme brulee which my brother had recreated for Cafe Ysabel when we got back home. This was definitely the best station in the place! Aside from the foie gras, they have some mediterranean dips, poached salmon which comes with these giant white asparagus…OH MY GOSH NOW I WANNA GO BACK THERE TO EAT!!!

at the breakfast station for pancakes

The Waffles and Pancakes Station. This wonderful station completes the whole “brunch” idea. You can have pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, omelettes and all sorts of fresh fruits and jams to go with it. I once visited this site to get the fresh berries that usually accompany the pancakes…then i went over to the dessert station and got myself a chocolate truffle and chocolate sauce to eat with it.

The Japanese Food Station. Unagi. Tempura and other goodies. Though it is a small station right beside the pasta station, it is filled with japanese main courses.

truffle foie gras cream pasta i had made

The Pasta Station. The pasta station has all sorts of sauces for your pasta. It also has all sorts of seafood, hams and pasta toppings for your pasta. You can use this station well if you have any patience to go around the buffet and look for goodies to put in your pasta. YUM!

the cold cuts stationthe cheese station

The cold cutsΒ  and cheese station. I’m already tired and the post is only half-way done. This station has about 10 kinds of cold cuts in it. From prosciutto to salami, to little salciccias. They also have these wonderful cheeses (about 10 selections) that are pretty interesting and not just your typical cheeses for they typical eater. The range of cheeses are complex, from hard to soft cheeses, rinded, mouldy, etc. This is definitely like walking into a small deli and grabbing for what you want for free…well not exactly free. They also have all sorts of little pickles that go with the cold cuts. YUM!

The Salads’ station. I remember the smoked salmon…and the wonderful mixed greens, and the wonderful rocket salad…and the wonderful mozzarella ala buffala and tomatoes. The freshness was so appealing I went back to this station right before having dessert…so I can have some greens along with the cheese and cold cuts. πŸ˜‰

crabs and mussels on icemy second plate col seafood and picklesthe cold seafood stationking prawns on ice

The Cold Seafood Station. Another favorite station. I love cold seafood, and they have a great selection of slipper lobsters, large crab claws, mussels, clams, scallops, prawns, oysters and sometimes the small lobsters, all trimmed and cracked for immediate consumption! This is really like being a princess, only you get your own food and bring it to the table! The seafood go with a selection of dips, mignonette, tomato cocktail, wasabi mayo, thai sauce and lemons. πŸ™‚

chef toto at the grill station

The Grill Station. This is where I get my main course. Again, a fabulous selection of fish, lamb, ribeye, prime rib, porkloin, crabs, king prawns and vegetables for grilling. You have an almost unlimited choice for dips, but one i prefer the most was the bearnaise…why? Because it was beautifully made with FRENCH BUTTER. OH MY! IT was really a rich, tasteful and elegant experience. How great was that? To get your meal, you just take your table card, give your order and go back to your seat and wait for the lovely grilled food to come to you.

the thorough bread stationthe other side of the bread station

The Bread Station. The breads station is just as fabulous, they have all sorts of bread from multi-grain, sour dough, brioche, croissants, nut bread, french bread, rolls, doughnuts and whatever you can find at a high-class bakery was in this area. Though I only take a few slices from this place for the cheese and cold cuts part of my meal, it was definitely a sensory overload just trying to choose which breads would be good.

jellies and creme bruleemoussesthai dessertsmore of the desserts stationcakes and bars

The Cakes and Pastries Station. This beautifully laid out station is the last or second to the last destination for me. They have all sorts of custards, all sorts of expensive truffles, ice creams, thai desserts, chocolate cakes, cheese cake, jellies, parfaits…ETC!

the souffle and crepe station

The Crepes and Souffles Station. My favorite dessert station. I even had the knack to copy the souffle in the turbo broiler idea for my legacy buffet. But the souffle…especially the CHOCOLATE souffle is just heavenly! It is bursting with the chocolate filling inside it, and the serving is tiny enough for you to want to get more! The crepes are my favorite too. They serve their suzette crepes with or without slices of mango. I like mine without just like the classic, but whatever the choice, it is definitely something you should try.

WHEW! That was a long entry! But anyway, you will absolutely have a foodie rush if ever you get to stop by at the Four Seasons Sunday Brunch! I know I have and I always keep coming back every year just to eat there. πŸ™‚

It truly has the best of the best.