“I think we’re supposed to get a preloaded card first.” “They said we should order now, and then pay for it.”

3some..eggplant, salted egg and tomato salad

I was already hungry. And I was confused about how things worked around there. I thought they were copying the great Food Courts of Thailand, where you buy a preloaded card, have them swipe it for all the food that you order, and before leaving, you get a refund of what’s left after returning the card. No one mentioned the card so even Mig was confused. I wished we just settled for some bbq in Tiendesitas as planned.

seaweed or lato

I guess even the people inside the booths don’t really know how it’s supposed to work. It was a very tiring, running from end to end of the food court trying to give orders and then paying, then trying to give orders and paying again. I was pretty tired actually just waiting for my food to come. Even if the staff is accommodating, the system (or atleast how it was explained to us) was frustrating. It made me just want to order one thing from one place, just so that i wouldn’t have to run back and forth to order other stuff.

Then the icing on the cake was ordering the drinks. The coke light was php25 per 12 oz. The iced tea was cheaper at 25 per bottle, but i didn’t want iced tea. So I got the 2 sodas for me and Mig. Whe I came back, I noticed the other tables, they had 1.5 liter cokes! And I realized: Geez how dumb can I get, the Supermarket was 30 seconds away and I could’ve gotten myself a nice 1.5 liter at about 33 that i won’t even finish. Ah well. My only consolation to this meal was that the seaweed, locally called “lato” was nice and fresh from the “fresh market” section of Taste Asia. Oh well. Next time.