I had a nice portfolio collaboration with Mr. Mariano Honrado yesterday. He was able to practice his food photography while i was able to work on my styling and photography. I still am stuck on the theory that available light is best. But it’s the hardest especially when the sun’s starting to set and you still have a few dishes waiting for their turn. Mariano and I had a nice time exchanging thoughts and experiences on the wonderful world of food photography. I think we both finished happy and satisfied with what we’ve learned that day. For those I couldn’t accommodate, I’m sorry. Apparently I wasted my time on selecting the other 3 photographers I invited. In this case, I wish I could’ve invited people I knew who wouldn’t ditch a nice opportunity. I prepared 9 dishes to be photographed!

photo by mariano honrado

To be honest I felt a little disappointed with them. I invited a 4 photographers who confirmed their attendance for a portfolio collaboration. One even had an idea that the collaboration should be one on one, and guess what, from the 4 that i invited, despite not knowing them, 3 ditched me (including the one who wanted the one on one session). Ah well. I felt a little relieved in a way that I wouldn’t have to try and entertain everybody, but it sure would’ve been more fun if more people were around.

However, I learned a lot yesterday, and boy am I glad I know how to take pictures. At least I got to take some for myself even if I only know how to use available light. Mr. Mariano also let me use his lights and hot shoe a few times, but I have yet to learn these things for myself.