I made some fake ice cream today for a portfolio shoot and so far, I think being in a very humid country makes the mixture somewhat unstable. I had to stuff it in the fridge a few times to dry it out. I opened 3 new ice cream scoops and 2 of them conked out on my first scoop, the last one, was the most useful, but i doubt if it’s going to last long. Here are a few things I realized after the project.

Here are my 2 “gelatos”. πŸ˜‰



1. It has to be a bit crumby. Texture makes the mixture look like ice cream, and the “crumbliness” makes all the difference. The powdered sugar kept taking up moisture from the surroundings and from my hands, and after a while, our humid environment made it moist. Which gave me a harder time at making it work. Fake ice cream must be crumby, crumby enough to give the ice cream nice ridges.

2. A good Ice Cream Scoop is hard to find. When I find one, I will jump for joy and keep it in a safety box. Can you imagine how horrified I was wrecking 2 Ice Cream Scoops costing around 200 each? At the FIRST scoop!

3. Push down and make textures. Now I know what Miss Cindie meant when she told me to push down on the scoop hard. It helps make the ridges, makes it look more “ice creamy”.

4. Try not to cover all the ridges with sauce. Hehe, especially when you had such a hard time making them.

4. I wish real ice cream didn’t have to melt so quickly, then we wouldn’t have to make stuff up. Hehe.