This place is celebrating its 25th year. I can’t believe it, and it’s only my 2nd or 3rd time to eat here. I like bangus, in fact I eat them all the time in Cafe. So I guess I know what to order…bangus!

i havent heard those words in a long time

To my surprise, I haven’t seen so many ways of serving bangus. I asked the waiter which ones are his best sellers and he said pocherong bangus…that didn’t quite agree with me. I’ve always been used to a fatty, meaty pochero with ham, cured duck, sausages, giant chunks of beef, long simmered and served with vegetables..I didn’t care to try how they served it here. So we went safe, or atleast something a little more familiar.

green mango and bagoong

For this light dinner, we had Bangus sisig, green mangoes and Binusog na Bangus. Mig and I aren’t voracious eaters and as much as possible, we’re not into taking doggy bags home. And so this was dinner…a pre-inuman dinner. πŸ˜‰

bangus sisig

The bangus sisig, honestly was a bit of a let down. I was looking for a certain crunch, I thought they would serve it with some crunchy bangus skin or something. Flavor wise it was good, but it was just like daing without skin, placed on a sizzling plate. Still, because I liked bangus, it was okay.

yummy binusog na bangus

The star of the dinner was the “binusog na bangus” which came to us like a very fat overstuffed fish. Binusog was certainly interesting, it felt like a spin off of khao kluk kapi, or a Thai bagoong rice. Only this one uses tinapang bangus (smoked milkfish) instead of shrimp paste. Yes, it had the little bits of crunchy smoked bangus skin, and was topped with a giant flap of smoked bangus skin. Under the bangus skin was a rolled egg topping, under th rolled egg topping was the julienne of green mangoes, and under the green mangoes were chunks of sliced tomatoes. This dish was refreshing and it went well with the sweet and spicy fish sauce it was served with. Nice innovation, certainly it would be something I would like to recreate at home.

The binusog na bangus left mig and I that way — busog. We had to save some room for alcohol first. What a great discovery I made today. πŸ™‚