sabs behind the lightbox

Sabs fixing up corn kernels

I am really so happy to say that I opened my first professional, and the first continuing education program in Food Styling at our school, the Center for Asian Culinary Studies. After the lectures of the basics of food styling and going through the wonderful toolbox they got, I am happy to say that my pioneer students are off to a good start.

Giselle hard at work

Tess' bowl of soup

Today’s hands-on workshop was on beverages and interpreting a soup label. A few actually thought that the workshop today would be too easy but soon I proved them wrong. I watched my students as they took great care in handling the ingredients, which is a great characteristic of a good food stylist, I think these guys are well on their way. Here are some of their works:

Giselle after styling a bowl of mami I realized that the local soups were more challenging

Tess showing off her hard workTricia showing off her bowl of styled soupTricia taking putting parsley into her soupAdoree showing off her workNeselee shows her styled soupCathy showing off her bowllovely chicken and egg noodles by cathySabs was the first one to finishstyled by adoree chong-uyi think this was giselle's i just don't rememberstyled by tricia ignacio-fragante

So far, I think I’m pretty comfortable teaching this class, and it was pretty easy too. I think I’ll bring some visual aids tomorrow so they won’t get too bored during the lecture. πŸ˜‰