I saw this while signing into my YM, my friend Jirbie actually had a status saying “50% off @ Brother’s Burger”. And I just remembered seeing this while I visited Brother’s Burger’s fabulous website while looking for inspiration. I love their site, it’s fun. I want to learn flash again. Anyway, I told Mig about it and he wanted to go and grab that 50% off half-pounder just for the heck of it.

from their website

The half pounder was huge…and it only costs 87 FOR TODAY. Can you believe? And I am already happy with the normal sized “brother’s burger”. So mig and I had one each but he ended up finishing 1/4 of mine. Hehe.

Hamburger Day for 2

What i love about Brother’s Burger is the nice smoky taste the burger has. And the lovely grill marks to show for it. I guess consumer tastes are really getting more complex now, and Brother’s has the winning burger formula for those who know that burgers can have different characters (aside from the fast food versions we get at Jollibee and Mcdo).

The burger looks like it's sticking its tongue out

I remember going to Brother’s Burger’s pioneer outlet at Ortigas…now called Metrowalk. It was a tiny place, maybe a crampt 8 tables but it was always full. My brother took me there and we gobbled up burgers with cream cheese and garlic in them. The place was packed, it was something new. People flocked to it and burgers cooking at all times of the day. After a few years, Brother’s grew and can now be found in almost every big mall, or every high traffic eating areas in manila.

Giant bite

I’m stuffed. And I even finished my onion rings. πŸ™‚