Yes, my blog has been in and out of consciousness for the past couple of months. I have started to do styling work again after a couple of months of concentrating on the desk job which to me was pretty detrimental to my sanity overall but someone’s got to do it. I haven’t been able to document things because of the condition of my schedule. Yes…nowadays I do a lot of juggling, shuffling, with my food styling clashing into my day job, and my day job clashing into my barkery…it’s pretty crazy. I seemed to have put myself in a position where all my spare time would be used for rest…or is it my age talking?


Anyhoo, for my birthday, we decided to have a lovely dinner (along with Francis and my dog, Jack) in the nicest dog-friendly place I could find in Tagaytay that wasn’t too far from our hotel, T-House…we came across Amoroma, a place I remembered from far back when it used to be in Paranaque and my bro would take me there as a third wheel (LOL!) I remembered the food to be good and the place to be quaint, like a little Italian pizzeria back in the old days!


And yes, it still had that vibe. Because of my dog, we had to eat outdoors, but we were just glad to have great food on my birthday since it is pretty tricky to look for a dog-friendly place that will accept the size of Jack. After ordering they gave us a nice basket of unleavened bread which were crisp and yet chewy on some parts. I dipped them in the balsamic vinaigrette mix I made on the table. Here’s what we ordered:


Ensalada Caprese: Just a simple salad I SUPER love because of the fresh mozzarella cheese. I really love mozzarella and the combination of salt and tomatoes, peppers, basil, vinegar and olive oil. It’s very refreshing on the palate despite the rich cheese.


Amoroma Spinachi Ravioli: In my hope to get some more vegetables in my system, I went for a vegetarian ravioli. There was good cheese and asparagus flavor and the ravioli was perfectly done, but there was something about this that made me wish I ordered something with meat.But I did appreciate though the fact that this was handmade, and it was done very well.


Pizza Sampler which were all made in the woodfired oven. We had to let the pizza man do a once over baking on our pizzas again just for the extra crunch.

The seafood pizza: it was pretty okay. I mean, I didn’t expect great seafood up here in the highlands considering that they would probably have to ship the shrimp frozen to make the trip.

Proscuitto pizza was really good. I love the flavors of the prosciutto and the tomato sauce. It was really comforting.

Italian Sausage with onions, I enjoyed this too. I guess there’s something about pizza that isn’t made commercially for me. The crust and the flavors just blended so well.

4-cheese pizza had a lovely gorgonzola flavor. It was so rich and wonderful that I wish I had more but there were other flavors to try!

Truffle Pizza: Who can go wrong with a white sauce based pizza with cheese that’s smothered in truffle paste. I liked it. And I liked that they didn’t skimp on the truffle paste.


Baked Cheesecake with Dried Fruits: I loved the lightness of this cake and the lovely sweet liquor sauce it was served with. It was a good ending to a lovely dinner.

Amoroma in Tagaytay

3575 Calamba Rd., National Highway Tagaytay City, Cavite

Tel (046) 696-3582