This was probably one of my most challenging projects late last year. I was tasked to overhaul Mushroom Burger’s menu images and the client decided on getting one of Manila’s super food photographers, Allan Tuazon of Subject Matters Photography, to do the job with me. The thing about this shoot: the peg was really from major fast foods from different countries, I had to up my game 200% because we had to do 10-12 shots per day to be able to finish the menu within the specified time period…without letting the quality suffer.


This shoot, like most commercial food shoots, focused on the food. We didn’t have props, backgrounds or anything. Basically, it was a gray background and a white surface. Alan’s giant portable Apple display made things even more nit picky because it magnified details 100 fold haha!


The thing with sandwiches, especially when having a fastfood peg is that everything has to conform to a specific shape…everything has to be aligned, perfect, without looking fake and stiff. The client basically had his eye on exactly what he wanted, and this helped me and Allan a lot since they reinforced a certain look they wanted to achieve for their restaurant (hey, if you are going to overhaul you menu’s image, you really have to be sure about what you want right?!).


Saucing was minimal, as I had the R&D chef on my tail the entire time to make sure we conform to weight and size standards. To be honest, this was really a great working experience for me, from picking out buns to grilling the burgers and of course building the mushroom burgers from the ground up like a building. They’ll be overhauling their store images soon with our new images so watch out for them soon! πŸ™‚