Finally, it’s become a bit easier for me to spot some of my works online thanks to Facebook. I went to Rockwell the other day and found a poster I worked on a few weeks ago. Tadaa! Kenny Roger’s new side dishes (and yes they are as yummy as they look!)


We worked on a bunch of new items too during this day but I have yet to see them on the walls. Ben Chan’s Blacksheep studio has become a nice second home to me, this was our 3rd shoot together and we’ve already managed to get to know each other’s styles and likes which made shooting a breeze. πŸ™‚


For this shoot, I just used whatever ingredients R&D gave me. I did a bit of straining on the beans because they’re pretty saucy but we wanted to highlight the beautiful and colorful beans. Added a bit of beans in the background and some of their ingredients just to make it a bit more inviting. It was a good work day…looking forward to seeing the new stuff we worked on as well!