Fish Liver and Chirashi Don


The other day I introduced Anna to a bowl of fish liver. I love the way Kikufuji does it along with its tangy vinaigrette, it definitely cuts the richness of the fish liver.


We gobbled it down with a bowl of Chirashi Don, a whole Sanma, a ton of appetizers all at Izakaya Kikufuji for lunch.

Obviously, I don’t have enough material for a proper post because we were so busy talking. Haha!


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  1. I’m a big fan of Kikufuji, specially the yakitori selections. They have this amazing soft-boned chicken and chicken skin skewers, really awesome! And the beef tongue too! Haven’t tried the fish liver yet, probably should give this a go when I visit Kikufuji next time.

  2. They have tons of great selections there. The last time I went there I ate this flaming shell…not a fan…but of course the other stuff was good.

  3. Was that the geoduck or the elephant clam? I remember that, a bit gritty…was impressed by the flame but I’d rather stick to the yakitori…

  4. i think it was the geoduck. the darn thing was so pricey and it tasted a bit bitter. you should try the yakitori peppers…only tell the lady to put the teriyaki sauce in it already as its grilling…totally awesome. I once had fugu there on my bday, it was a pretty spine tingling experience πŸ™‚

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