DIY Props: Table Napkin

I recently went on a cloth spree when I went to Taytay to shop for some fabric. Since the fabric was all on a per kilo basis, I was able to grab a lot of cloth for some pillowcases in my room. I also found some good ones to put into my prop collection for food styling. I’ve always liked crafting and DIY and so I decided to make some prop table napkins for future shoots. I also went through my grandma’s old fabrics (since “patahi” or made-to-order clothes were so chic back in the 60’s) and found some wonderful ones to make use of as well. This is just like a simple propping project out of highschool:

1) I just got a piece of cloth and cut it into a 15″x 15″ or smaller size.

2) I folded the all the edges inward, about 1/2 and inch (it would be easier if you iron the edges after folding)

3) ran a simple running stitch through it. And Voila! Easy table napkin! 🙂

I think this would also be a good gift if you’re looking at personalized gifts. You could buy the cloth, make it into a napkin and have it monogrammed for a more elegant flair. Besides, cloth table napkins seem to be earth friendlier since they re-usable! I am thinking of trying the monogrammed ones for gift giving, it might actually be good for a house-warming gift (or kitchen warming gift!) for people who like to eat. Here’s a photo of this same napkin used as a prop…

Pretty isn’t it?


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  1. Victoria Mische

    Hi Giannina, I am from Morong, and I came across your blog co’z I find it very interesting! Its always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained! Thanks for sharing your wonderful table napkin. Hope we can meet each other as I am just a few kilometers away from you!! 🙂

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