A Quick Snack at Papa John’s Pizza

The place seemed packed and I just wanted a pre-movie snack so this entry will be just as short as the time we were there. We just ordered 2 things:

Diablo burst – this was their best-seller spaghetti with a pleasant burst of spicy. The spicy part was diplomatic, definitely not much to expect in terms of that. The sauce was sweet and it reminded me of the kids party food without the hotdog, they used sausage lumps instead. It also had onions, canned tomato sauce, basil…and it reminded me of Shakey’s old spaghetti formula from way back in the 80s.

Jr chicken BBQ pizza came with a green pepper and garlic dip for the crust. It was a cute pizza, perfect for a cheap snack. The pizza is topped with bacon and the pizza tastes like bacon as a whole. All the bacon fat melted onto the cheese at it cooked and the BBQ sauce was somewhat sweet. The crust was bubbly and nicely browned – a crust that can only be achieved via pizza conveyor plus a baking pan with holes. Not bad for a quick and affordable snack.

Everything we ate was on the slightly sweet side and most likely kids would really enjoy the food here. Service was pretty quick and friendly.

Papa Johns Pizza is in Annapolis, right beside OB Montessori.


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  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post, a few days ago we had a snack at Shakeys.

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