Zushi in Sydney

I just love sashimi. In fact, I think in my past life, I was a Japanese handyman of some sort. For my last dinner in Sydney, Ana took me to another Japanese place that specializes on sushi and sashimi…Zushi.

To add a little celebration to the dinner, we had Sake Sangria. This was definitely one of the best pitcher drinks I’ve had. It was very light, bubbly and refreshing lemon soda, with green apples, lychees and a very smooth sake. It was slightly sweet and tangy, and it retained the nice herbal and sweet flavor of sake without tasting too much of the alcohol.

I had my favorite – seaweed salad. Something I have grown to love while I was in Sydney. It’s these green little seaweeds with a very “popping” and crunchy texture in a sweet, sour and salty dressing (most likely rice wine vinegar and soy sauce and some sesame oil). I like the slight chili for a contrast to the coolness of the salad.

Tasmanian Sea Urchin – it was creamy and tastes like the sea. It was the slippery and juicy type and slightly sweet. Although I still do prefer the Japanese one, this is a close second vs the Chilean Sea urchins we had at the Fish Market.

Red Rock Cod with Ponzu sauce – the fish had a firm, almost crunchy texture that reminded me of eating scallops. The ponzu sauce gave it a slightly smokey, sweet sour and salty taste.

We had the sashimi platter which had the scallops that were sweet and buttery. The kingfish was slightly citrussy tasted like the sea, the tuna sashimi was the normal grade.

Then we had a gyoza roll that had a delicate pork flavor that had a tangy and rich sauce. It was crisp on the inside which was pleasant and surprising.

Then we had the Lobster roll where there were these baby greens inside that had their own wonderful flavors. I didn’t taste much of the lobster but the mix of the greens and other flavors were just delightful.

And finally a very good dessert — the Strawberry Tempura. The strawberries were battered and fried and was crunchy outside and warm on the inside and it contrasted so wonderfully with the ice cream on the side, under is a strawberry syrup. The chocolate shards around it made the whole dessert richer and gave a wonderful texture and great flavor overall.


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  1. Love the Tempura Strawberry dessert idea! Must try soon!

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