I’ve been to Cash n’ Carry several times and watched as all these little snack stalls pop up from nowhere. One of the stalls, seems to stand out the most bec of the number of people trying to fit in to eat and the really quick turnover of people eating there…it was actually hard to get a seat. This was Gloria’s Special Goto. Sure, you wouldn’t think that people would be eating goto for snacks but I was just way to curious on how this stall made people line up for it…and I discovered their secret.

Order the Goto with Egg and the Tokwa’t Baboy. You will notice this dark reddish brown liquid with chopped garlic, onions and chili in a bottle will be given right in front of you. You pour that into the sauceless fried tokwa and baboy that they serve in front of you and instantly that thing turns into a wonderful little dish. The secret is in this sauce, I can’t quite tell what kind of vinegar it is, but it is definitely not the commercial type and looks like it’s been brought here from the province. It is slightly sweet with still very very subtle hints of the alcohol and maybe the coconut it came from.

The goto is very hot and even if it’s more liquid than thick, it pairs perfectly with the egg and tokwa’t baboy. Something great for a cold day.

The lumpia wasn’t so great, nothing beats something that’s freshly cooked.

Now you’ll know why people line up in that little stall. I think the whole meal cost us less than P90 too…mind-blowing, for a mall stall.