Entering Rockpool reminds me of those old flapper movies where people dressed greatly and building interiors had large marble posts….in fact, it did have huge marble posts, everyone was so dressed during lunch and the open kitchen seemed like it was constantly engulfed in flames. Ana and I were in the restaurant…apparently, people reserve way in advanced and they happened to have a table for two. We were in the wrong place. We browsed their menu and there was no Wagyu burger…and then a lady came and guided us into the bar. And the bar looked like a place where mafias would hang out…the rich and famous kinds of mafia. The interiors were black and leather…and they hung rows and rows wine glasses up to the ceiling and turned them into ornaments. It was beautiful.

So for the drinks, I went with a good ol’ beer – White Rabbit Dark Ale. This dark beer was delightfully chocolatey. It was just waiting for the burger…mmm beer and burgers! The peeeerfect match.

Ana wasn’t a big fan of beer so she got herself the very aromatic Martinez. Which we found out that was super strong and it was just too much for something in the afternoon, but it smelled really good.

The chips came out but they were too big for me. It was more like potato wedges than chips but they were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside.

Rockpool Bar’s Wagyu Burger. This was darker than I thought it would be. The patty was juicy with a slight crusting from the grill. You could really taste the beef and it was quite buttery as you go to the center of the burger. The beef flavor stands out among all the condiments, but the patty was a little tougher than what I had dreamed a Wagyu burger would turn out to be. The onions on the patty were cooked in red wine which gave it a wonderful pickled flavor and the tart finish cuts the fatness of the burger. The bread was grilled on the outside and the inside was soft. The meat juices softened the bottom bun. The pickles that were used were sweet pickles…yes, sweet…not dill. Which worked surprisingly well! There were slices of zucchini that added some creaminess and texture in the sandwich. The piece of bacon wasn’t really necessary, but it made the burger very tasty with an extra smokiness.

Rockpool and its bar was a nice experience. It was posh and looked like it was from a set of Mad Men. Food was fabulous.