The Ultimate Culinary Kit – The Chefy Large Knife Bag

It took us an entire year and we’ve been continuously designing, tweaking and remodeling this giant wonder, but I think we finally got something right. I am very proud to present my masterpiece for 2010: The Chefy Large Culinary Kit! And mine, has gone through a few rigorous tests: 2 food styling shoots, a week-long class and a trip down the stairs…so far, it still looks pretty good!

So what is it exactly? From the top, you can find 3 zippers which serves as the separators for the three compartments that can accommodate your stuff. It has 2 handles and a detachable shoulder strap if things start getting heavy.

So far, when I’ve tested the limits on it’s expandability, from 4″ the bag expands up to 7″ thick when stuffed and overstuffed! Just like my favorite luggage where you can just drop everything into the zippered hole and forget about it.

The first compartment resembles our own Chefy Lite insides but it is actually split into 2. It also has garterized pockets to ensure grips since it is not a knife roll like the smaller bag.

The second compartment has 8 gartered pockets and at the top of each is a garter split into 3 to hold the longer items or hold small wider items such as can openers (yes, I have one in my kit) and even potato mashers and strainers. It’s expandability makes it easy to close.

The third compartment has 2 separate zippered compartments for stuff like first aid kits, piping bags, towels, notebooks, small books and even your uniform! Well, I carry around a uniform in those days when you know you will have to get down and dirty! Plus you can also stuff more utensils in between (a measuring cup maybe?).

I’m a pretty short girl, but it looks alright for me to carry this around. I had my brother also taking a look at the bags the other day! The bags are in different designs and materials so I would think that there are a fair good number to choose from, although this also means we have a limited number of bags per design ( about 2-3 maximum), this means you will only have 2-3 people with the same bag…in THE WORLD (yes we are again, unique and exclusive!).

We will officially be selling our 11 designs online through our Chefy Store facebook or through the official Chefy Store website! on September 10, 2010…oh that’s already tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Hope to see some people already toting this beauty around by next week.


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  1. you guys still sell these? how much?

    i know where you guys got the idea for this. lol.


  2. @franz, actually we’re coming out with new ones in in a few weeks.

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